Welcome – Aug. 23-24, 2016

Sandia National Laboratories, in collaboration with the Joint Center for Energy Storage Research, Los Alamos National Laboratory, University of New Mexico, and New Mexico State University, is hosting a free two-day Regional Workshop on Energy Storage and Grid Integration.

The objective of this workshop is to identify and foster collaborative opportunities among the national laboratories, academia, government, and industry in the region. Speakers will address the status and opportunities of research, development, and applications of energy storage technologies and grid integration in the Southwestern United States. This workshop will be a forum for a broader dialog among the stakeholders across the region and create opportunities for future collaborations. Registration will be open until Friday, August 19, 2016.

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*Please note that this event is preceded by U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich’s 2016 Energy Summit – Energy Storage Strategies for Industry & National Security. We anticipate many of the same stakeholders will participate in that annual summit, which also takes place at the Albuquerque Embassy Suites. Separate registration is required for Senator Heinrich’s summit, please visit his website for more information.



Available presentations from the workshop can be viewed and downloaded here.