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Available presentations from the workshop can be viewed and downloaded here or by clicking the presentation name below.

August 23, 2016

12:00 PM  Lunch

1:00 PM  Welcome and Announcements [Sierra Ballroom I-II] – Kevin Zavadil, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Materials Science and Engineering, Sandia National Laboratories

1:15 PM  Statement of Workshop Goals and Introduction – Carol Adkins, Director, Energy Technologies and System Solutions Center, Sandia National Laboratories

1:30 PM  Energy Storage: A Utility Perspective – Ron Talbot, Senior Vice President and COO, PNM Resources

1:50 PM  Resiliency through Storage Microgrids: Recent DOE Projects with the States – Imre Gyuk, Energy Storage Program Manager, Department of Energy Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability (DOE OE)

2:10 PM  Joint Center for Energy Storage Research: Storage at the Threshold: Beyond Lithium-ion Batteries – George Crabtree, Director, JCESR, Argonne National Laboratory

2:30 PM  Facilitated Discussion – John Freisinger, President and CEO, Technology Ventures Corporation

2:50 PM  Break

3:10 PM  Grid Modernization Laboratory Consortium: Alignment of National Laboratories Capabilities to Address a Critical National Need Charles Hanley, Senior Manager, Grid Modernization and Military Energy Systems, Sandia National Laboratories

3:30 PM  Research Session I: Grid Infrastructure and Microgrids – Ray Byrne, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Sandia National Laboratories

5:30 PM  Break

6:00 PM  Poster Session (Snacks and Cash Bar)

August 24, 2016

7:30 AM  Continental Breakfast and Registration [Pre Con Hallway]

8:30 AM  Summary of First Day Discussion – Kevin Zavadil [Sierra Ballroom I-II]

8:40 AM  Energy Storage Trends and Challenges: New Mexico’s Numerous ContributionsSteve Willard, Technical Executive, EPRI

 9:00 AM  Denton Municipal Electric Perspective on Large Scale Renewable IntegrationMike Grim, Executive Manager, Denton Municipal Electric

 9:20 AM  Research Session II, Renewables – Sukumar Brahma, William Kersting Endowed Chair Associate Professor and Associate Director, Electric Utility Management Program (EUMP), New Mexico State University

10:40 AM  Break [Pre Con Hallway]

11:00 PM  Research Session III: Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Infrastructure – Abhaya Datye, Regents Professor and Chair, Chemical and Biological Engineering Department, University of New Mexico

12:20 PM  Lunch – [Sandia Ballroom I-III] – Zach De Gregorio, CFO, Space Port America

1:20   PM  Research Session IV: Transportation and Avionics – Venkat Srinivasan, Deputy Director R&D, JCESR, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

2:40 PM  New Mexico and States’ Energy Storage Perspectives

3:40 PM  Workshop Summary and CloseoutKevin Zavadil

Poster Sessions

  • “Addressing Lithium-Ion Battery Safety and Failure Containment for Modern Grid Energy Storage” – Heather Barkholtz
  • “Advanced Zinc-Manganese Oxide Batteries” – Timothy Lambert
  • “Aqueous Na-ion Redox Flow Battery with Ceramic NaSICON Membrane” – Eric Allcorn
  • “Concept Integration and Scale Up for Demonstrating Li-S” – Brian Perdue
  • “Developing Battery Safety and Abuse Testing for Stationary Battery Applications” – Joshua Lamb
  • “Electrochemical Activity of MOFs as Positive Electrodes for Na-ion Batteries” – Ina Sava-Gallis
  • “Electrolyte Design Principles for Magnesium Batteries” – Nathan Hahn
  • “Energy Surety Microgrids and the DoD-DOE SPIDERS Project” – Jason Stamp
  • “Estimating Potential Revenue from Electrical Energy Storage in PJM” – Raymond Byrne
  • “Flow Cells for Scalable Energy Conversion and Storage” – Rangachary Mukundan
  • “FY16 Energy Storage Systems Strategic Outreach Projects” – Jaci Hernandez
  • “High Frequency Link Converters Using Advanced Magnetics” – Todd Monson
  • “Improved Materials for Flywheel Energy Storage Applications” – Timothy Boyle
  • “Industry Acceptance – Energy Storage Projects” – Dan Borneo
  • “Lithium Metal Protection for Li-S Batteries” – Kyle Klavetter
  • “Materials for Multi-Electron Redox Flow Processes” – Travis Anderson
  • “Monolithically Integrated High Voltage Silicon Carbide Switch + Diode Development” – Stan Atcitty
  • Multi-Purpose Membranes for Various Electrochemical Use”Cy Fujimoto
  • “Next Generation Transportation Batteries: Beyond Li Ion” – Kevin Zavadil
  • “Novel High Temperature Dielectrics” – Harlan Brown-Shaklee
  • “Overcharge and Thermal Destructive Testing of Lithium Secondary Battery Cells Incorporating Optical Diagnostics” – Michael J. Hargather
  • “Regional Opportunities for Energy Resilience in Northern New Mexico” – Andrew Rodke
  • Reliable High-Performance Gate Oxides for Wide Band Gap Devices” – Jon Ihlefeld
  • “Reliability Characterization of Wide-Bandgap Semiconductor Devices” – Jack Flicker
  • “Sodium-Based Batteries:  Toward Safe, Reliable, Cost-Effective Energy Storage” – Erik Spoerke
  • “Statistical Analysis of Feeder and Locational PV Hosting Capacity for 216 Feeders” – Matthew Reno
  • “Understanding the Limits of Thermal Runaway in Lithium-Ion Battery Systems” – Randy C. Shurtz and John C. Hewson
  • “Visualizing Li Deposition in Solvate Electrolytes” – Katherine Jungjohann
  • “Visualizing S Utilization in Designed Solvates” – Tylan Watkins