2017 SFWST R&D Team Meeting

//2017 SFWST R&D Team Meeting
2017 SFWST R&D Team Meeting 2018-07-20T15:42:27+00:00

Wednesday, May 24th 2017

Thermal Profiles Gap

Round Robin Phase 2

Dry Cask Simulator Experiments for CFD Validation

Deep Borehole Field Test (DBFT) FY17 Project Activities

Deep Borehole Field Test – Site Geosciences Integration

Global Survey of Selected Deep Underground Facilities

Deep Borehole Disposal (DBD) Performance Assessment (PA) Modeling

Coupled THM modeling of In Situ Heater Experiments at Mont Terri (Switzerland) and Bure (France) Underground Laboratories

Continuum and Discrete Fracture Modeling of Gas Migration in Clay using TOUGH-FLAC and TOUGH-RBSN

Recent DFN developments and Comparison of DFN and FCM Models

Update on modeling activities for crystalline work package

Criticality Analysis Methodology Development to Support Direct Disposal of Currently Loaded Dual-purpose Canisters

ENSA ENUN 32P Rail-Cask Transport Tests Start June 2017

Deep Borehole Field Test Borehole Testing

Considerations for Performing Flowing Fluid Electrical Conductivity (FFEC) Surveys within the DBFT Characterization Borehole

LBNL Deep Borehole Research Summary

Deep Borehole Disposal Conceptual Design – Preclosure Safety Analysis

Hazard Analysis for Radiological Risk from Deep Borehole Disposal Operations

Development of Next Generation Buffer Materials

Estimating Illitization Kinetics

Illitization Experiments on Cation Exchanged Smectite

Bentonite under high temperature conditions: coupled THMC modeling and experimental study

International Collaboration in Disposal Research: Introduction

International Collaboration in Disposal Research: DECOVALEX-2019

Upscaling of Heater Tests in Bure

DECOVALEX 2019: Geochemical and reactive-transport Evaluations with relevance TO the GREET field experiment (TASK C)

Update on modeling activities for DECOVALEX Task C\

FEBEX-DP Collaboration: Overview and related SFWST R&D Activities

Potential HotBENT Collaboration

International Collaboration in Disposal Research: Mont Terri Project

International Collaboration in Disposal Research: FS Experiment at Mont Terri

FE Heater Test at Mont Terri

Session Corrosion of Spent Nuclear Fuel Canisters

Field Test at Maine Yankee  Independent Spent Fuel Storage Instillation

Residual Stress Simulation and Experimental Stress Replication of Mock-up to Specimens Level

CISCC Susceptibility and CGR Testing

Implementation of Analytical Derivatives within PFLOTRAN

PFLOTRAN’s V and V QA Testing Suite and Documentation

Well Water Ingestion Dose Model for GDSA Framework

Generic Disposal Systems Analysis – GDSA

Updates to PFLOTRANs Waste Form Process Model and Biosphere Process Model

Defense Waste Repository Argillite Reference Case and Performance Assessment

Preview of Thursday Morning’s GDSA Process Modeling Integration Sessions

GDSA Planning for FY2018

International Collaboration SKB EBS Task Force – Overview

Collaboration with Clausthal/Germany on coupled THM modeling

KOSINA WEIMOS Collaborations in Salt (Germany)

Joint US-German FEPs Catalog

Possible Insights from COSC Project

International Collaborations on Deep Borehole Disposal (DBD)

Update on the Fifth Worldwide Review “International Approaches for Nuclear Waste Disposal in Geological Formations: Geological Challenges in Radioactive Waste Isolation”

Introduction to Defense Waste Repository (DWR) R&D

DWR Preliminary Design Concepts Update

Doe managed hlw and snf disposal in argillite host rock analysis of the effect of decay heat

Defense Waste Repository R and D – Inventory and Waste Characterization

On-Line Waste Library (OWL)

Generic Disposal System Analysis Argillite Reference Case and Performance Asssessment

An Example of a Regional Geologic Evaluation of Argillite for Disposal of HLW